Elementary December Week 3- We Can Worship Jesus

Posted: 12/20/2020

Hello SCC Kids!

Merry Christmas! Can you believe Christmas is just a few days away? Are you so excited? I know I am! We have had so much fun celebrating. We had our holiday zoom party which was so much fun, and our Christmas light scavenger hunt! I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did! What are some other things you and your family have done to celebrate Christmas? What is your favorite thing about Christmas? My favorite is the many ways we get to worship Jesus! Now, I'm not talking about the awesome Christmas songs I love to sing and dance to. I'm talking about worshiping Jesus by loving him and showing that love to others. Did you know that every time we do something honoring God and showing love that we are worshiping him? Isn't that awesome! Try and think of some ways you can worship Jesus this week. Maybe you can do something nice for someone, make a card, sing a song, or give a special gift. The wise men worshiped Jesus when they came to see him by bringing him beautiful gifts. The shepherds worshiped him by listening to the angels, going to find and visit baby Jesus, then sharing the good and amazing news with everyone they could! Whatever you choose to do this week to worship Jesus will be awesome because you guys are awesome! Jesus loves each one of you so very much and I love you too!

Have a very merry and blessed Christmas!


Ms. Brandy