Elementary January Week 5 - We Can Trust God With Our Gifts

Posted: 1/30/2021

Hey SCC Kids!

I hope everyone has had a great start to 2021! This is the last week of January and the last week of our Unboxed series. We have been learning about gifts all month. It is so fun to receive a gift, but it is even better to give a gift! When I give to others, it makes me feel so happy and cheerful! Just like it says in II Corinthians 9:7, "Each person should do as he has decided in his heart- not reluctantly or out of compulsion, since God loves a cheerful giver." God loves a cheerful giver! When we give we should give out of the kindness of our hearts. God can then take that gift and multiply it! If we show someone kindness, then they will show others kindness and so on and so on. Then one day, that gift returns to us when someone shows us kindness! Taking a few minutes to be generous or show love, even to your family, can make a real change in the world. We can trust God to use our gifts in a greater way than we could ever imagine!

Ok SCC Kids, go out there and share those gifts. Be a world changer! Don't forget to join us for our Valentine's Zoom party next Sunday! See the resources for details. Have a wonderful week and remember, I love you and God loves you too!


Ms. Brandy