Elementary February Week 2 - I Can Show God's Love By Being Kind

Posted: 2/14/2021

Hello SCC Kids!

Happy Valentine's Day. It seems fitting that this month we are discussing love, Real Love. Real Love is the love we get from God and the love God wants us to show others. Last week we learned that God loves EVERYONE and wants us to love everyone too. This week we look into this topic a little more with the story of the Good Samaritan. When Jesus told this story in Luke 10, he was responding to a question that a lawyer had asked him. The lawyer knew God instructs us to love our neighbor but who exactly is our neighbor? Sometimes neighbors or rival teams, towns or even countries may not get along. Surely we do not have to love them right? Wrong! The story of the Good Samaritan shows that the person you would have least expected to stop and help someone (the Samaritan) is the person who showed the most kindness and mercy, thus the most love! Jesus is saying that everyone is a neighbor and we should show kindness to all because that is how we show love.

There are many videos online of random acts of kindness. I encourage you to take some time this week and watch a few with a parent or trusted guardian. Then discuss how you can show kindness to others to show God's love. I hope you have a love-filled week! I love you SCC Kids and God loves you too! Be kind!


Ms. Brandy