Elementary February Week 3 - I Can Show God's Love Even When It's Hard

Posted: 2/21/2021

Hello SCC Kids!

I hope everyone is having a good week. You know, sometimes we don't have good weeks and that's ok. Maybe things didn't work out the way you had hoped or even worse, maybe someone was mean to you. No matter how kind you are or how hard you try to show God's love to others, there will always be people who are unkind to you. In the Bible they are referred to as, "enemies." Enemies are not just members of the rival team or a group of bullies at school, sometimes enemies can be people who are close to you. Do you have a friend or sibling who you feel are difficult to get along with? You know you are supposed to show them kindness but it can be so hard sometimes when they make you feel so mad! So what does the Bible say about this? In Matthew 5 Jesus talks about not just being nice to our enemies, but he says we need to love them! Then he goes on to say we need to pray for them! Can you believe that? Don't bad people deserve bad things and good people deserve good things? Actually Jesus says good and bad people alike all receive the same blessing because God loves everyone the same. That is why he sent Jesus to save ALL of us, whether we deserved it or not. 

So the next time you are faced with someone who is being mean to you, show them kindness instead of mirroring their meanness. By doing that, you are showing them God's love and that will bring you both closer to God. I am always here if you need some encouragement or need someone to talk to. You can call, text or email me anytime! I love you SCC Kids and God loves you too! Have a blessed week!


Ms. Brandy