Preschool February Week 3 - I Can Show God's Love Even When It's Hard

Posted: 2/21/2021

Hello SCC Preschool and Kinder friends!

I hope everyone is having an awesome week. I know not everyday is awesome, sometimes we just have a bad day. Maybe our brother or sister aren't being nice, or a friend wouldn't share their treat with you. It can be really hard to show someone love if you feel they aren't being nice but do you know what Jesus says? He says we should be kind and show love to everyone- even our enemies! Enemies are people who are being mean or grumpy. Jesus says we  should love them and pray for them! It's easy to love people who are being nice to us, but loving everyone like God says we should can be hard. We can love everyone even when it's hard. God loves us so much he sent Jesus for us, but not just for us, for everyone, even our enemies.

Everyone deserves to feel God's love and we can show God's love by being kind. Is there someone you think needs to feel God's love this week? Who will you show kindness to? I would love to hear all about it. You can text, call or email me anytime! Let me know if you have any prayer requests. Have a wonderful and kind week my friends. I love you and God loves you too!


Ms. Brandy