Elementary March Week 3 - Jesus Said Yes To God's Plans

Posted: 3/21/2021

Hello SCC Kids!

Have you ever had a plan that just didn't sound that great? Maybe your parents told you you're moving to a new house and you really like your house. Then you find out the new house has a pool! Maybe your family has plans to do chores, that doesn't sound like much fun. Then you find out you get to go out for ice cream afterwards! Well, Jesus knew exactly what God's plans were. God's plans were for Jesus to die to save all of us from sin. Jesus must have been pretty nervous, maybe even a little sad. But He trusted God and knew that God would raise him 3 days later and that God was planning this because He loves all of us so much! Jesus loves all of us so much that he said yes to God's plans and He followed His plans every step of the way. We can all trust God's plans for us and say yes because God's plans are perfect and they are built on love. There may be times in our lives where the plans don't seem so great at first, but if it's part of God's plans, we can trust that it will be awesome!

I hope you all have an awesome week! I love you SCC kids and God loves you too!


Ms. Brandy