Preschool March Week 4 - I Am Included In God's Plans

Posted: 3/28/2021

Hello SCC Preschool and Kinder friends!

I have had so much fun this month learning new things with you. We learned what a blueprint is. It is a plan for building or creating something. We learned that God has blueprints for all of us. God's plans are always perfect. Next we learned what a foundation is. When building or creating something it is important to start with a strong foundation so your building will stand strong for a long time. Love is the foundation of all of God's plans. After that we learned that not all plans are easy to say yes to. We played a silly game with Doggy Dan where he gave us two plans and we had to choose one, even if they both sounded yucky! Sometimes God's plans don't look great at first but if we trust God and follow His plans, we know everything will be awesome! Jesus trusted God even though he knew His plan was kind of scary. Jesus said yes to God's plans and all of us were saved and can be a part of God's family forever! This week, we learn another new word, Hosanna! Hosanna means, save us. As Jesus entered the city of Jerusalem before Easter, the people cheered, "Hosanna! Blessed be the name of the Lord!" All of these people were a part of God's plan too and guess what. We are a part of God's plans! God thought of us when He sent Jesus to save us. You are included in God's plans and I am included in God's plans!

Thank you, God for including us in your plans! Thank you for loving us and sending Jesus to save us. Hosanna! 

Have a blessed week friends. I love you and God loves you too!


Ms. Brandy