Elementary April Week 3 - Jesus Gives Encouragement

Posted: 4/18/2021

Hello SCC Kids!

I hope everyone had a wonderful week. Even if you didn't have the best week, I'm here to encourage you! That's right, this week our lesson is all about encouragement and how Jesus gives encouragement. 

One of the disciples, Peter, was feeling really bad and wanted to talk to Jesus about it but was kind of scared. Jesus was able to talk to Peter and encourage him! You see, even if we don't always make the best choices, do the best on the team, or just not having the best day, we can find encouragement in Jesus. We can pray to Jesus and ask for encouragement. We can also remember that Jesus knows our hearts and wants what is best for us. Jesus loves us so much!

If you need some extra encouragement, you can always reach out to me. You can call, text or email anytime. I love to give encouragement to others. I love you SCC Kids and God loves you too!

I encourage you to have an awesome week!

Love, Ms. Brandy