Elementary May Week 4 - The Holy Spirit Is For Everyone

Posted: 5/23/2021

Hello SCC Kids!

It's the last week of school for most of us! That is so exciting! I pray all of you have an awesome end of your school year. Is anyone going on vacation? Maybe to another country?

This week we are talking about a really exciting story in the Bible that talks about people from all over the world who spoke different languages and how God helped the disciples talk to them and share the good news about Jesus! This was a time called, "Pentecost". You may have heard that word before. I am so excited to share this story with you. God shows us that the Holy Spirit is with us to help us and that the Holy Spirit is for everyone, all over the world!

I can't wait to hear all about your summer plans. Maybe you will be able to share the good news of Jesus with some new friends! I love you SCC kids and God loves you too! Have an awesome week!


Ms. Brandy