Elementary July Week 3 - God Does Unexpected Things

Posted: 7/18/2021

Hello SCC Kids!

How is your summer going? Maybe your summer hasn't been exactly what you expected. Sometimes we make plans that don't always work out the way we thought they would. Maybe your summer hasn't been as exciting as you thought it would be, maybe your summer has been even better than you thought it would be! Even when things don't turn out exactly how we've planned them, we can trust God's plan. God does amazing and unexpected things. Our friend King David had a wonderful plan to build a really nice house for God. God had a different idea and told David not to build the house, that a family member of David's will build the greatest house for God. David didn't understand but he trusted God. Can you guess who that special family member was? It was Jesus! God may do unexpected things but He knows exactly what He is doing. God does things for us because He loves us so much! You can trust God and praise Him when He does something unexpected!

If you need some support and prayer to get through unexpected time, you can always reach out to me! I love you SCC Kids, and God loves you too! Have a wonderful week!


Ms. Brandy