Preschool December Week 3 - Wait and See, God Will Do Impossible Things

Posted: 12/19/2021

Hello SCC Kids!

It was so fun to see some of you at the the prayer service and the Christmas light scavenger hunt! I had a blast and I hope you did, too!

Christmas is less than a week away! It's amazing! It's exciting! It's unbelievable! It almost seems...impossible!! That's exactly how Mary felt before the very first Christmas. An angel came to visit her to tell her she would have a baby. Do you know who that baby was? I bet you do! Mary thought it sounded impossible but she had faith because she knew God could do impossible things! That must have been an amazing moment. It may have seen impossible, but God sent us a savior in the form of a sweet, little baby. This week, as you celebrate Christmas, remember to thank God for the amazing, impossible things He does for us all. Happy Birthday, Jesus!!!

Have a wonderful Christmas! I hope to see you at Christmas Eve service. It will be at 5pm at the church building. Merry Christmas, SCC Kids! I love you and God loves you too!


Ms. Brandy