Elementary January Week 2 - God Uses My Gifts To Help Others

Posted: 1/9/2022

Hey SCC Kids! 

Have you ever worked really hard on a puzzle, then you get to the end and a piece is missing? Isn't that just the worst?! The puzzle just doesn't feel complete until you find that one missing piece! We are all like a piece of the puzzle. Each of us has special and unique gifts. If we don't use our gifts God gave us to help others, we're like the missing piece. When we work with others and share our gifts, we help complete a whole picture! It is great to help others! 

This week we talk about how God wants us to use our gifts He gave us to help others. We will talk about team work and how special everyone is. I hope you know how special you are. I love you SCC Kids, and God loves you too! Have a wonderful week! Get out there and share those gifts with others!


Ms. Brandy