Preschool January Week 5 - We Can Trust God With Our Gifts

Posted: 1/30/2022

Hey SCC Kids!

Did everyone have a wonderful week? I sure hope so! This month, we've been talking about gifts. Not just any gifts, gifts from God! We talked about God giving us all gifts and talents. We talked about God giving us gifts of blessings. Last week, we talked about God giving us treasures and the difference between earthly treasures like toys and money, and Godly treasures God keeps safe for us like love and caring. This week we continue to talk about treasures and gifts, but we are talking about sharing them! Sometimes it is hard to share or do nice things for others. Maybe it's really hard work, or we just don't want to do it. Jesus reminds us that we should give, help and share with others with a happy heart. When you love others and serve them with a happy heart, you build up even more treasures in Heaven! When I help others with a happy heart, it makes me feel even happier!

What's one thing you can do for someone else this week, that you can do with a happy heart? I would love to hear all about it! I pray each of you has a wonderful and happy week. I love you SCC Kids and God loves you too!


Ms. Brandy