Preschool April Week 3 - Jesus Gives Encouragement

Posted: 4/18/2021

Hello SCC Preschool and Kinder friends!

Do you know the word, "encouragement?" It's a big word, I know! Encouragement is when you cheer someone on. Like when your teacher tells you what a great job you're doing on your art project or when mommy and daddy cheer at your soccer game. Sometimes we need encouragement when we are feeling bad. Guess what! Jesus gives us encouragement! It's true!

Today, we are going to hear a story about how Jesus gave his disciples encouragement. One of His disciples, Peter, was feeling bad and need extra encouragement. If you ever feel like you need some encouragement, you can pray to Jesus. You can also reach out to me. I love giving encouragement!

I encourage all of you to have a super week! I love you SCC friends and God loves you too!


Ms. Brandy