Preschool May Week 5 - The Holy Spirit Makes Us a Part of God's Family

Posted: 5/30/2021

Hello SCC Friends!

I have had so much fun with you this month learning about God's special Legacy, the Holy Spirit! We learned that the Holy Spirit helps us know God, the Holy Spirit helps us love others, the Holy Spirit helps us do God's work, and the Holy Spirit is for everyone! This week we learn that the Holy Spirit makes us part of a super big family, God's family! When we follow Jesus and God gives us the Holy Spirit, we all become part of His family, we are all God's children! Isn't that exciting?! I love being part of God's family with you! Is there anyone you can think of that you would like to invite to be part of God's family? I think everyone deserves to be part of this super awesome family! If there is anyone I can help you pray for, let me know!

I love you friends, or should I say family? God loves you too! Have an awesome week!


Ms. Brandy